Goldsborough/Gabriel/Nugget (GGN) COMPOST BIN and PRODUCE SWAP

After a great job sourcing free pallets and we were all set up for the busy bee. So nothing like a glorious labour weekend afternoon to have a crack at the first of hopefully many neighborhood compost bins. We started by filling in the gaps in the pallet sides then setting then up three to a bin.  We knocked up enough for 3 compost bins and the first one has been set up down the road.

Pallets all stacked in row

Some great detective work and we have enough pallets for several compost bins and a load of firewood besides

The right stuff

Next we worked up a fruit bring and swap stall for the summer to pass on that extra fruit we all have. A good way to share with neighbours. The rules are yet to be decided but something along the lines of bring something take something be that fruit, gold coin or a helping hand to pick excess fruit for a neighbour. It all goes around in Gabriel, Goldsborough and Nugget.

Finished product

Fruit stall done

The kids went loose on the stall to give it a splash of colour

The kids went loose on the stall to give it a splash of colour

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Keeping Gavin, Matai and Fincham Road beautiful

For Keep NZ Beautiful week we got in early with a neighbourhood clean up event on Sunday the 30th. In an hour we collected the equivalent of two big bags full from our streets and along the stream from Matai to Hillcrest Rd. Not a bad effort eh? A lot of this litter would have escaped our recycling bins on windy days, which shows another reason why ‘reduce’ comes before ‘recycle’ in the three Rs.

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Goldsborough Avenue/Gabriel Street/Nugget Grove – Garden Tour

What do you get when you cross approximately 20 keen gardeners with Kate Foley…? Garden2

Under a grey and brooding sky on Sunday 2 August 2015 1pm saw a group of cold-hardy gardening enthusiasts assembled for The Inaugural Tour at which a total of six gardens were visited upon. With her guru-like status this evergreen lot were accompanied and encouraged by the ubiquitous and knowledgeable Hannah Zwartz. No stranger to making the hard calls in the garden, at Lynda’s place Hannah wielded her might and showed us how to REALLY prune a fig tree. Despite the devastation wrought some cuttings still stand today in my garden: remnants of the campaign… (easier to plant them into an existing bed than pot up cuttings Judy confided to me later). Genius. Thanks Judy.

Garden6As I was saying; fig, lemon… nothing was safe as more branches fell, succumbing to Hannah’s wrath, yielding to her mantra of the “3 D’s… Diseased, Damaged, Dead”. All. Must. Go. Now. These are the tough decisions gardeners must make. While over at Sue’s place the lemons had been subjected to copper nails fired into its trunk, a time-tested remedy of yore. Who knew citrus posed such a threat!

Garden3At Kate’s we saw compost in various stages, heaped betwixt spent pallets “I built the garden when I was pregnant and nine months later got perfect compost!” J (Pallets are available free via Martyn).

Again at Kate’s, seemingly impossibly tidy and neat garden beds produced bounty requiring little to no input – testament to the no-dig, heavily composted and mulched style of gardening favoured by lazy gardeners everywhere. In truth gardeners aren’t lazy, it’s just that there’s always so much to DO. Over at Judy and Stu’s, citrus and Daphne was in abundance, legacy to years of feeding the soil.Garden1

Speaking of feeding, gardeners march on their stomachs and after some serious business we were put at ease back at Kate’s with contributions of afternoon tea from various attendees. Thank-you all.

Be it lamingtons or plant cuttings gardeners are a uniquely sharing bunch, galvanized in their quest to coax fruit from tree and plant from seed. By all accounts the garden tour was a popular occasion, once again bringing together various neighbours in a memorable and well-organized event. Many thanks to Kate for initiating and coordinating the day, along-with KCDC’s Greener Neighbourhoods.

Garden7Garden4Garden5  Article written by Sian Lean

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Inspirational Paekākāriki Green Neighbours

KCDC_n579524_Paekakariki_Finale(2)Members of the Paekākāriki Greener Neighbourhoods from Tilley Road and Ocean Square recently celebrated a massive year of community action.  Up to 20 neighbours from both areas joined council staff who support the Greener Neighbourhoods initiative and councillor Janet Holborow to weed the north end Tilley Road reserve, which backs onto Queen Elizabeth Park, followed by afternoon tea at Paekākāriki school.

“Having lived in a Greener Neighbourhood, I’ve experienced how it brings people together,” councillor Holborow says. “It’s a great way to  get to know your neighbours by achieving positive environmental outcomes and community     projects together.  Greener Neighbourhoods is  a great collaboration between council, neighbourhoods and the wider community to help create genuinely resilient, sustainable and connected environments.  The resilience and community spirit that results lasts long after the end of the challenge.”

KCDC_n579522_Paekakariki_Finale(1)Some highlights from the Paekākāriki groups include holding a civil defence weekend where residents went without electricity and/or water for up to 48 hours, a street party, a multitude of composting, gardening and waterwise workshops with the council’s Green Gardener Hannah Zwartz, home renovation advice from the council’s Eco-Design advisor Richard Morrison and many, many waste minimisation initiatives.

Jason Dykes (above) and  Joe                                                                                                                                     Wilson (below) hard at work

KCDC_n579526_Paekakariki_Finale(3)These include ‘no junk mail’ stickers for P.O. Box holders and exploration of options around installing recycling bins in the Paekākāriki village alongside the bins that go to landfill.  Local builder John Wraight also held a ‘recycled pallet’ workshop at the school to build compost bins and a bike shed from recycled wooden pallets. The bike shed was donated to a family who had received bikes from the Paekākāriki Bike Library, a scheme which also came out of the Greener Neighbourhoods project which recycles old bikes and lends them to children so they can get to school.

TinaPope“The best part for me was really getting to know the people in my street through a series of mostly garden-focused, workshops,” says Tilley Road resident Tina Pope. “The street party drew people not involved in other ways and new   connections were made.  Our home is much more focused on reducing waste and consumption in lots of ways we hadn’t thought about before.  Our power bills have gone down; we use the car less; nothing that was once alive leaves our property – it all goes back into building the soil and growing food; and we’re really thinking about the true impact of what we buy.”

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Raumati Beach Post-Flood Beach Clean Up – Real Community Kaitiaki

Our most recent members to the Greener Neighbourhoods project are from the Goldsborough Ave, Gabriel Street and Nugget Grove (GGN) neighbourhood in Raumati Beach.  They organised a post-flood beach clean-up on Saturday to clean up rubbish left on the beach after last month’s flooding.

After the storms, a member of the public rang the council to express their concern about the amount of litter that had been washed up on the beach.  The residents of the GGN neighbourhood in Raumati Beach are new to Greener Neighbourhoods, but after a call from council’s sustainable communities coordinator, they quickly sprung into action and the litter clean up was soon advertised through flyers, facebook and on local radio.

Kate Foley, one of the lead contacts for the GGN neighbourhood contacted Raumati Beach school to let them know about the litter clean up.  Members of the Raumati Beach School Association and the school’s EcoTeam were soon on board and spot prizes were kindly donated by water engineering firm, WaterOutlook.   The weather held out and forty people turned up to clean the beach.  At least a dozen rubbish bags were filled with rubbish which included a broken chair, a traffic cone, a punctured lilo and four old car tyres.


“It was a really encouraging sight to see people from our local community getting together to look after one of our most valuable amenities, our beach. It provided a great opportunity to meet other “Raumaitians”, connect and share ideas about other ways to build stronger neighbourhoods and a community. Everyone that came along should feel proud about their contribution to making a difference in our community,” Mrs Foley said.

Rubbish bags, gloves and rubbish bag pick-up was provided free through Kāpiti Coast District Council, as part of their commitment to waste minimisation and supporting sustainable community projects.   What a great community effort!

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