44 ways to build community

So many good things here. I’d love to see a version specific to NZ though:484530_10151151202765429_1018564064_n

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Navigating our way through an ‘Age of Loneliness’

Here’s an interesting column written by George Monbiot for The Guardianhttp://www.monbiot.com/2014/10/14/falling-apart/

In it he rails against the growing culture of competition and individualism, concluding that the clear social change marking out this time from those that preceded it is isolation and loneliness – an Age of Loneliness. Recent statistics from the UK mark out loneliness as an epidemic among both the young and the elderly. The negative health impacts are staggering, highlighting our inability to cope alone. Continue reading

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Tilley/Tarawa: got tested, got through

Break out the board games!

Break out the board games!

So how did the civil defence challenge go for the Tilley/Tarawa precinct? In ‘intrepid reporter’ spirit, I have the following accounts to share from the frontline (ahem, actually Tina, Jason and Lesley kindly emailed me). Continue reading

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WREMO makes us famous

The WREMO Facebook page has more than 41,000 followers, so I expect quite a few people saw this lovely photo of Joe getting in some CD reading …. Thanks Joe – it’s for a good cause!


BTW, did you know you can get free emergency alerts from WREMO direct to your mobile? Sign up here: http://www.getprepared.org.nz/

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Getting ready and getting through

How many prods do we need to get our emergency supplies and systems sorted? A couple of short power cuts at my house on the Sunday of the Greener Neighbourhoods civil defence challenge, followed by a two day power cut for 85,000 Auckland homes and businesses has me going through my civil defence kit and plan.

Visiting many of the participating households during the recent challenge has given me plenty of good ideas and an appreciation for some of the unexpected effects of doing without services most of us take for granted these days.

Challenged to choose between limiting their power use (fridges stayed on) or going without running water, having enough light to see by and managing without the internet seemed to be two of the biggest challenges faced by Greener Neighbourhoods households. Continue reading

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