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If any of you lovely people who are taking part in the current Greener Neighbourhoods would like to write the occasional post here celebrating and sharing the goodness that is your neighbourhood, let me know. You can either pop a ‘yes, please’ in the comments or email and I’ll set you up as an author. No worries if you haven’t used WordPress before – it’s pretty intuitive and I won’t be giving you the power to break the site.

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A gorgeous blackboard for the Tilley/Tarawa Precinct

Beautiful work by Leigh soon to be spotted in the Tarawa St-Tilley Rd Precinct, Paekakariki. Seems a shame to ever rub it off. Tilley blackboard

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New Zealand’s ecological footprint, or why local food matters even more than you thought

Having just written about the ecological impact of fish (eating them, that is), it seems like a good time to take a look at the average New Zealand ecological footprint. Continue reading

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But where’s the fish?

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Processing orange roughy.

Why are there no questions about fish consumption in the Greener Neighbourhoods footprinting quiz?

We use the New Zealand Footprint Project’s (NZFP) calculator to measure the ecological footprints of participants and were involved in trialling the calculator before the 2013/14 round of the Greenest Neighbourhood competition. This was when we made the startling discovery that the impact of fish was so high that, if a neighbourhood group simply gave up fish for the length of the contest, it would put them on a good footing to win.

So we went back to Dr Ella Lawton of NZFP and asked her to explain a little. She told us fishing makes up 62% of the total NZ food ecological footprint (in NZha) and 35% of the total NZ ecological footprint. That’s an absolutely huge impact!

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Greener Neighbourhoods are growing

So what’s been happening in the Greener Neighbourhoods lately? Yesterday we sent out the December issue of On To ItCouncil’s newsletter on
sustainable living in Kāpiti – which included this update. Apologies to those of you with a sense of déjà vu….

* * * *

And so, the four Greener Neighbourhoods groups are growing, both in size and in their gardens as peak planting season approaches. A rough tally shows we have about 60 households taking part in this round, with new faces appearing each time they meet. Continue reading

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