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…are now available online. Have a look on the ‘Downloads’ page under the ‘Resources’ tab.

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How about you?

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting with some lovely Paekakariki residents and it looks like we’ve got not one but two groups of neighbours keen to take part in ‘Greener Neighbourhoods’. We’ve also got another group in Raumati Beach, but I would love to see some Ōtaki and Waikanae residents joining in, whether that’s you and your neighbours or if you have friends you can share this with.

If you’d like to get to know the people around you better, put some collective energy behind neighbourhood projects and explore ways of living more lightly, it’s not too late! We’ll be getting underway in late July but it’ll be a gentle start so don’t be put off by the timeframe.

All you need is five households within a neighbourly distance of each other (I describe it as being close enough to borrow an egg from or pop over without finding your shoes) and enthusiasm for creating a healthy, resilient community.

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Welcome to your Greener Neighbourhood!

Calling all Kāpiti residents! Would you like to spend eight months creating the kind of community we all want to live in: one where neighbours know and care about each other and our shared impact on the planet?

Greener Neighbourhoods e-flier 2014Launching in late July, Greener Neighbourhoods is a new community-led, Council-supported initiative for groups of five or more households. At its heart it’s about increasing resilience, building community and reducing environmental impact.

Following on from Kapiti Coast’s Greenest Neighbourhood, which ran from 2010 to 2014, it retains the competition’s emphasis on community and environment, but the contest is gone.

We’ve also loosened up the geographical criteria, emphasising that households need to be an easy walk from each other for that neighbourly feeling, and reduced the group size to five or more households in line with the criteria for waste reduction grants and Green Gardener visits. Continue reading

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Community Gardeners’ Hui

If your gardening activities extend beyond your backyard, you’re invited to the the Kapiti Gardeners’ Hui on Sunday 25 May. This is a chance to meet other keen gardeners who not only think the world needs more gardens but have put their spade behind their convictions.

Share ideas, talk plants, swap seeds and cuttings, celebrate the launch of Kapiti Seed Bank’s first catalogue and get a look at two of the district’s well-kept garden secrets. RSVP to staceyg@

Gardeners’ Hui e-flier

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And the winner is….

Ames Street line up

Ames Street line up

Ames Street of Paekākāriki has been named Kāpiti Coast’s Greenest Neighbourhood 2014 in a well-attended prizegiving at the Sustainable Home and Garden Show over the weekend.

The neighbourhoods were judged on a combination of factors: the size of their final footprint, how much they reduced their footprint over the duration of the competition and how they came together as a community. The last factor was evaluated by our  panel of judges who toured the neighbourhoods at the start and end of the competition and followed their activities in between via this blog.

Ames Street attained a final footprint of 1.4 Earths* – an improvement of 19% from the start of the competition – winning $2000 to be split between a community group, a school and a neighbourhood project of their choice. Waimeha Lagoon finished on 1.2 Earths, down by 11%. Reikorangi’s footprint measurement was incomplete. The New Zealand average is 2.1 Earths.

“We benefitted from lots of initiatives started by previous Greenest Neighbourhood entrants, so it’s a win for the whole village really,” says Ames Street’s coordinator Vicky Noon.

Her neighbour Shona Jaunas credited Vicky with “the huge undertaking of getting us all out of our own worlds and into the project”.

Continue reading

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