Life saving skills at your fingertips

paper clipsThe New Zealand Red Cross have recently launched a first aid and emergency app designed to give people life saving skills at their fingertips. The free app features simple, easy advice on everyday first aid scenarios, tips on how to prepare for natural disasters and step-by-step instructions on what to do during an emergency.

Preloaded content on the app means you have instant access to important first aid and emergency information, even without cell phone reception or an internet connection – anytime, anywhere.

More information:

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Are you really ready?

Did you know it’s Get Ready Week this month? From 21 to 27 September, Civil Defence are encouraging New Zealanders to think about potential hazards and the need to be prepared – the theme for this year is ‘What would you do?’

That’s the question we’re posing to the Greener Neighbourhoods as they prepare for their Civil Defence Challenge. Organised in conjunction with the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office, each household is challenged to spend the weekend – from 5pm Friday 26th to 5pm Sunday 28th – without running water or with limited electricity. For the super-keen, water tanks and emergency toilets are available for loan. Continue reading

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Sharing is caring

BoiteAuxLettresPumpipumpeHere’s a rather nice way of developing your neighbourhood sharing circles. Pumpipumpe is a Swiss project that is encouraging residents to place stickers on their mailbox to denote the goods they’re willing to lend to their neighbors (and if you’re wondering about the name, it developed from a scheme indicating which households had a bike pump to loan to stranded cyclists). It’s worth a look just to see the variety of stickers – it’s not all about ladders and bike pumps, good people; anyone got a ping-pong set or disco ball lying idle?

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Our billboard is up!

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David and I finished the billboard project on Saturday 23 August – it’s now proudly facing onto Matai Road at Tracey’s place on the corner of Gavin Rd.Tracey used her neat script to put up our first message on the noticeboard – our new contact email address. Hopefully we’ll have even more neighbours to get in touch and get involved. We’ll use the blackboard to tell people about upcoming events, give birthday shout-outs and maybe help find the odd missing cat!

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Painting our billboard

First post from the Fincham/Gavin/Matai Road Greener Neighbourhoods group! Our neighbourhood is a triangle of these three roads (only a little section of Matai) in Raumati, a 1950s subdivsion on a sandhill, backing onto pony fields. Our group has residents new and very long-term, young and old. We’re still figuring out what we’re going to do but we’ve made a start, with a water meter workshop in July and now our billboard.

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