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Stop Press!

Congratulations to Waikanae Beach for being first off the mark with this lovely press release….

Julie, Mirian and kids.
Julie, Mirian and kids.

Waikanae Beach neighbours got to know one another a little bit better this month through a community pot-luck dinner. 

The event attracted a diverse crowd of all ages and marked the official launch of Waikanae’s first Greenest Neighbourhood (formerly Greenest Street) campaign. 

The group, yet to be named, predominantly consists of residents from Eruini Street, Queens Road, and Tutere Street, but the larger Beach community is invited to participate.

‘We’ve attracted interest from as far away as Goldie Place,’ says dinner host and founding member Julie Donaldson.

 ‘By building a stronger network of neighbours, we’ll be better equipped to face civil emergencies and respond to environmental challenges.’ 

Permaculture design consultant and Eruini Street newcomer, LisaTalbot, was pleased to discover a wealth of knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm in her new community. 

‘We have expert gardeners, preservers, knitters and spinners, a community mulcher, creative young people and an amateur radio operator – all within walking distance.’

Beach resident, Sigi Wiese, welcomes the competition as a chance to explore the possibility of establishing a community garden – a prospect supported by eight-year old Dean McIntosh. Dean’s Mum, Angela, is looking forward to ‘greening up.’

Tutere Street gardener, Simon Calcinai, is keen to investigate opportunities to involve local businesses. ‘We have a variety of cafes and restaurants at the Beach and a large number of people who enjoy growing food.  A more localised food production system presents benefits for all parties.’

Self-confessed sustainability novice, Kylie Simons, is sold on the idea. 

‘Whether you’re driven to lower your environmental footprint or not, a shared dinner is something all neighbours should do.  Where you go from there – the possibilities are endless.’

Greenest Neighbourhood’ is a nine-month competition between groups of neighbours from across Kāpiti.  They compete to reduce their environmental impact and build stronger, more resilient communities.  The Kāpiti Coast District Council provides ongoing support throughout the competition.  For more information see:

 Waikanae Beach residents who would like to be involved can contact Julie (, 0226141946) or Simon (, 0272524304).

And here is is in the Kapiti Observer.

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