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Community Grants close 12 July – that’s next Friday, 5pm.

The description says, “The Kāpiti Coast District Council acknowledges the value of organisations and groups in our community who contribute to strengthening community capacity. If your organisation or group is a not-for-profit organisation that:

  • improves the quality of life for participants
  • helps participants to define and achieve their own outcomes
  • encourages greater participation in Kāpiti Coast’s community life
  • encourages co-operation and collaboration between community organisations
  • has wide community involvement.

Then you may be eligible for a grant of up to $1000.”

Got a Neighbourhood or community project in mind that would fit the bill? More information and application forms here:—Z-Council-Services-and-Facilities/Grants-funding-and-awards/Community-Grants/

2 thoughts on “

    1. Not at all – they are separate pools with different mandates. Just think through what you are wanting to do and don’t apply to one for something that the other would cover (i.e. don’t apply to Community Grants for a waste-related project as the Waste Reduction Grants are so specifically for this. Apply for something that only the CG would cover).

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