Archived posts 2013/15

Ames Street’s Waste Audit

DSC03238Yesterday we held our Waste Audit with help from Simon, the Council’s Waste Minimisation Officer. There were a range of households, from single people working in town, with only a chip bag’s worth of waste for the week, to families of young children with wheel barrow’s full. We learned that; (1) As two of the households already have chickens the amount of waste food was less than expected, (2) A third of our landfill waste could have been composted, (3) A number of the households could reduce their waste by making more food from scratch, (4) We need to find supplies of glasses etc for hire/to borrow for big parties to reduce plastic cup waste. We discussed how precycling is preferable to recycling, i.e. buying products without packaging and making our own products that are normally packaged.
Our initial plans from this audit are to:
* Share recipes, especially for lunch box foods,
* Look into buying from out local food co-ops to reduce packaging,
* Look into more composting and rat trapping (to keep vermin off the food scraps).

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