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Civil Defence raintanks

With impressive timing, the Wellington Region Emergency Management Offioce (WREMO) have launched their rain tanks today. For $105 you get a 200L tank (120cm tall x 63cm at widest point), with metal tap, quality earthquake strapping and hooks to attach it to a timber house, and a drainpipe diverter that can be opened or closed. All holes for taps and pipes are pre-drilled. The tank is food-grade plastic.

This is enough water for a family of four for 10 days. And if you’re renting, you can fill it from your hose so you can take it with you if you shift.

The tanks are available through the Kapiti Coast District Council service centre in Paraparaumu. There’s a bit more info on WREMO’s Facebook page – scroll back to yesterday –


Hi everyone we are doing a fairly quiet launch with our water tanks tomorrow to allow time to sort out any last minute teething issues and then will be going ‘really public’ with this awesome package in the next couple of weeks. So for our facebook followers the benefit for you is that you potentially get first dibs on the current stock of tanks.”

If you haven’t got an emergency water supply already, this could be the smartest thing you do today…

And while I’m on the subject, did you find the WREMO’s ‘It’s Easy’ Emergency Preparedness booklet in your launch bag?

And did you know you can sign up to receive CD emergency updates via your cellphone? See WREMO’s Facebook page for details.

2 thoughts on “Civil Defence raintanks

    1. All sold out! We didn’t get many in the first round apparently (they were planning a ‘soft’ launch but the earthquake put paid to that). However more are expected to arrive in a week or so. The Service Centre staff are taking names so they can ring you when they come in.

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