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Make-your-own start

make your own - start
I was hoping to eek out all my plastically packaged products for a while longer so I wouldn’t need to worry about reducing this type of packaging. Alas the last of my shampoo has gone so I’ve taken the advice of Lyn of and used bicarb of soda to wash my hair and white vinegar to condition it this morning. I’ve got to say it felt a bit like rubbing sand into my hair but it does seem clean.

3 thoughts on “Make-your-own start

  1. Mm, it does take a little getting used to, but works well for me. My kids prefer it too as it doesn’t sting eyes like shampoo did. Cheap as chips if you buy a big bag of baking soda at Moore Wilson’s.

  2. Although I found out to my cost that you really need to rinse out the vinegar well as it’s pretty exciting if you do exercise and vinegary sweat runs down your face. Just stuck to the bicarb since.

    1. Crikey! I just use a splash of vinegar in a small bottle of water for the conditioning. Makes it feel nicer than just bicarb. And before someone asks, no, once it’s dry you don’t smell of vinegar….

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