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In their natural habitat – photos

This weekend the five Greenest Neighbourhood judges, along with Jake and myself as Council support staff and Dan Neely, Community Resilience Manager for Wellington Region Emergency Management Office, spent a stunning sunny Saturday getting an inside (but mostly outside) look at the three competing Neighbourhoods.

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Spending an hour being shown around was an opportunity to get a feel for the character of each group and a mental picture of just where they are (some of our judges are less local than others). All of the Neighbourhoods already have projects underway so it was also a chance see them in their formative stages. You can find a longer story in this month’s issue of On To It, Council’s sustainability newsletter, but I just wanted to share some of the great photos taken by Tina McIvor, our photographer for the day.

Starting at Ames Street in Paekakariki at 9am, Vicky had marked each of the ten participating households with a bunch of green balloons. Unfortunately there was so much to talk about that we were only able to visit half of them.

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Next it was onto Waimeha Lagoon in Waikanae Beach. Here we were met by Simon, Julie and Sigi. Julie’s house is the site of a community garden with a special emphasis on encouraging the neighbourhood children to grow and eat fresh, healthy food. Our walk through the Neighbourhood to Graham’s home native plant nursery was via the lagoon boardwalks.

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And then we took a trip up the Reikorangi Valley, on the other side of Waikanae, where we met many of the Reikorangi group at Leanne and James’ home. Leanne and James are living off-grid and about to start some major projects. The solar panels and composting toilet system generated much discussion. As we left, conversations (and no doubt, ideas) were flowing over a delicious shared lunch.

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