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Using Soap nuts

Thought I’d have a go at using soap nuts. I made some liquid hand soap by boiling the nuts in water for 30 mins and then draining off the liquid. This also works as a good shampoo, a bit of a change from using Bicarb of Soda. The soap/liquid doesn’t look too great as it’s brown but it does work. Also tried it for washing clothes but with dogs, a young son and gardening the clothes smelt clean but not all the stains came out. Great thing is that once you’ve used the nuts you just throw them in the compost.

2 thoughts on “Using Soap nuts

    1. Soap Nuts are shells of the Soapberry (a tree, apparently). You can get them from or I think Commonsense Organics have some too. I just liked the idea as after you’ve got all the ‘soapyness’ out of them you can pop them in your compost heap. I’ll try the lemon juice ide, thanks.

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