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Established Tree Pruning workshop and Eco Audit

Huge thanks to Hannah Zwartz for our Ames St fruit tree pruning workshop on the 10th. Spanning three properties, Hannah gave us lots of valuable hands-on advice, and we all dream of future bumper crops! It has spurred us on to think about fruit trees for our burms and community spaces to boost our community resilience!..”.

Also, thanks to Richard Morrison for his Eco Audit on Saturday (17th) at Pete and Carolyn’s. As always happens after we hear Richard speak we spent the next day making changes at home: airing out the house, getting rid of any mould with a 75% vinegar solution, planning pelmets above the windows and changing old pillows. I didn’t even know curtains performed best if they had 3 layers, so I now need to hunt out some ‘bumf’ to add another layer to mine. Also, we now know where to get wool hot water tank jackets, Finally, I was so scared with all the talk of dust mites in mattresses over 10 years I ordered one the next day (early Birthday pressie).

2 thoughts on “Established Tree Pruning workshop and Eco Audit

  1. Likewise we felt the eco-audit was well worthwhile too Vicky. The next day we moved our daughter’s bed off the south wall, bought a fire extingusher to help us get out of the house in case of a fire, and put a washing line up in our patio area. Now to think about the renovations…! Richard had a lot of useful ideas – highly recommended!

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