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Can our recycling crates be improved?

At the moment we separate out our recycling with the use of plastic bags (and string for our recycled paper and cardboard). This means that each week I need to intentionally procure some plastic bags to help with my recycling, which seems counterintuitive. When I last visited family in the UK I noticed they had recycling wheelie bins that had compartments in them so that the items could be kept separate without the use of plastic bags (picture above of a Nottinghamshire recycling bin – paper compartment can be lifted out). I’ve asked the Blog ‘Our Daily Waste’ (Facebook) who have found these NZ bin dividers, It would mean our recycling collectors would need to have separate containers in their trucks, but this does not seem so onerous. What does everyone think about moving to sectioned recycling bins?

2 thoughts on “Can our recycling crates be improved?

  1. In Christchurch they have 3 bins , a green waste a recycle one and a rubbish one. Doesn’t separate the recycling but does make it easier .

  2. Certainly improvments could be made but sometimes this is the ambulance at bottom of cliff! We have managed to get our Flatties out in compostable packs, why can’t the big companies acheive this to eliminate the above?
    Voting with your wallets around sustainable practises would help. More so about them showing support towards sustainable growing practises with no chemicals as well

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