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How many people can fit in a long drop?

GN Pimp My Long Drop 2013 090As many as it took to build it, judging by the photos.

Campbell Park, Paekakariki, provided the beautiful weather and stunning views, and the Neighbourhoods brought their own good company, making a huge success of the inaugural ‘Pimp My Long Drop’ Challenge.

Charged with building an emergency long drop using only materials sourced from their homes, the Greenest Neighbourhoods produced a range of ‘facilities’ as stylish and diverse as they are.

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They were joined by Alexander Road, Greenest Street 2012, and the Paekakariki Scouts, who used materials from their hall. With just an hour and forty minutes to complete the task, the five teams were judged on functionality, creativity and style.

From a running start, participants set to with enthusiasm. A huge range of materials were brought into service, graphically illustrating the potential of everyday items in extraordinary situations. Interestingly, the obsequious blue tarp made an appearance in four out of five creations. Perhaps this is the secret ingredient in every good emergency kit?

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Judges Scott Dray from WREMO, Mayor Jenny Rowan and Paul Kennett took their job seriously, so while they did their inspection, the Scouts fired up the BBQ and Matt King from GreenEarth showed us his flat-pack composting toilet. Designed as an alternative to chemical toilets after the Christchurch earthquake, this is a ready-made version of the ‘Simple Bucket System’ you can find on the WREMO sheet.

And the winners were….Alexander Road, for the structurally sound and meticulously-planned ‘Drop n’ Go’. Second were Paekakariki Scouts for showing us what can be done when your planned key ingredient (a tent) is found to be missing (!).

Thanks to WREMO for working with us on this event and supplying water flagons as prizes. Thanks also to Kathmandu for supplying eight stainless steel water bottles as prizes – a great addition to every ‘Grab and Go’ kit.

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