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‘Getting On To It’ in 2013

We’ve got our biggest and best ‘Getting On To It’ series starting next week! With something for everyone who wants to live a little more lightly, Getting On To It offers two talks a month until the end of the year with subjects ranging from earth building to chicken keeping to photovoltaics to community-owned renewable energy generation.

Of especial interest to Greenest Neighbourhood participants is our first talk, ‘Living within a Fair Earth Share’, on Thursday 12 September, 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the Paraparaumu Library Meeting Room. Entry is by koha.

Living-fair-share-ecological-footprintFocussing on low or no-cost behaviour change, Professor Brenda Vale (yes, our Greenest Neighbourhood judge) offers an inspiring, accessible and often entertaining perspective on the problem of how we can live more sustainably. She says it is not only workable and practicable to live within an ecological footprint of one Earth, but not so very different from the way most people live in the West already.

Professor Vale and her husband Robert are architects and academics specialising in sustainable design. They have received international awards for their work and recently developed the Australian government’s National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS). She is also part of the New Zealand Footprinting Project and her recent books include ‘Time to Eat the Dog: the real guide to sustainable living’ (2009) and ‘Living within a Fair Share Ecological Footprint’ (2013).

On Sunday 15 September, ‘Really Ready to Rock and Roll’ is for Kapiti residents who want to find out more about being better prepared for a civil defence emergency.  With the recent earthquakes in Kāpiti, many stocked up on three days food and water, but what if getting back to normal after a disaster takes longer than that, like it did for many in Christchurch?

 From 2pm to 4pm at the Newhanga Community Centre, Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu, attendees will learn about emergency toilet options, rainwater storage, cooking without power, useful equipment and getting through in our households and neighbourhoods. The workshop is a joint initiative between the Council, Wellington Emergency Management Office, GreenEarth and Entry is by koha.

The full workshop programme is here – 2013 full flier_take3 – or can be found at

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