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Keep NZ Beautiful week in Paekakariki

beach clean-up


We’ve been beautifying our street and Village this week. First, on Sunday 15th, we held a Beach Clean-up. We managed to collect 9 bags (of various sizes) worth of rubbish. The majority of the rubbish found was plastic, either empty plastic bottles, plastic containers, shredded plastic bags and soo many plastic lollypop sticks (thanks Chupa Chups). The interesting thing was that the presence of bins along The Parade didn’t seem to make much difference, which suggests a real mind-set change is needed.
Next we have put up boxes of empty bags, on the fences of 2 houses, so that people on our street do not have an excuse to not scoop their dog’s poop up. We’re planning to fill the boxes with empty bread bags etc.

One thought on “Keep NZ Beautiful week in Paekakariki

  1. great stuff folks and we (you excluded) are dirty &$#@**&^%! aren’t we… Re poop scoop, happy to supply bread bags if ever a shortage. Re-used of course

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