Archived posts 2013/15

Rat Trap Update …

IMAG0131So I picked up my rat trap (got through from Otari Wilton’s Bush visitor centre, tied it to my bike with a fair bit of rope, and rode it down to the station. It was a fair bit bigger than it appeared on the internet. It does stoats, ferrets and hedgehogs as well as rats. I set it next to my compost heap, baited with an egg for the stoats and peanut butter for the rats. So far …  nothing….   BUT NO! I spoke too soon. Coming back from Hannah Zwartz’s composting lesson, I ventured out to turn my heap. And there, poking out the trap entrance was a tail! A rat it was, about 30cm tail to nose in all. I shan’t paste photos. I buried it under a tree.

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