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Congratulations Rainbow Court!

Rainbow Court of Raumati South, one of the Greenest Streets in 2010-11 – the first round of this competition – has won the Best Community Garden award in the New Zealand Gardener magazine competition. This puts them through to the final where the overall winner will be decided by public vote. Instructions and the link for voting can be found here:

RC garden 3The community garden was built as one of their main activities during the competition. Using recycled and donated materials they converted a blackberry-infested empty lot to a flourishing space where neighbours meet, food is grown and shared, and skills passed on. You can read more about the creation of the garden in their March 2011 blog entries here:

Such an inspiring example of a shared project bringing a community together. Good on you, Rainbow Court!

One thought on “Congratulations Rainbow Court!

  1. Wow what a fantastic acheivment and congratulations to all invoved.
    More vivid proof of the value of our local Green Street initiative. 🙂
    Winning the overall would be sensational for Rainbow Court and the entire Kapiti Coast

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