Archived posts 2013/15

Sunday gatherings in Waimeha

Posted on behalf of Julie Young

Our regular once a month Sunday Greenest Neighbourhood meeting continues to get better.  We seem to have started a seed and seedling swap, sour dough and gingerbeer bugs are been traded and a couple of us are looking forward to the yogurt culture that’s coming next Sunday.  On the way out the door I mentioned I was going to make soap and everyone else wants to as well.  A workshop has been set.  We are having a real exchange of resources and knowledge. 

None of the people in this group were known to me before this venture, these are all new friends with new input.  Denise recommended putting CDs in the community garden to foil the bird digging in there, success!  Sigi got me onto sourdough bread again with a good bug.  Simon bought the best chickweed salad around on my birthday; I haven’t brought salad from the shops since… is sooooo good!  Sometimes it’s just about getting the right recipe, making the things we know we can eat so palatable you can’t stop eating it. 

It just keeps getting better. 

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