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Updated: The Green Machine & the three-wheeler

Posted for Rick Swan, Reikorangi

What one can do with an electric-assist adult tricycle, to manage local errands: this is my smaller 3 wheeler, which is an adult electric tricycle with pedal assist. I use this for “smaller loads” and have cycled from Reikorangi to Te Horo beach via State Highway 1 many times.

In these photos I went out laden with recycling (my “rubbish”) and came back even more laden with waste food items for my 40 chickens (someone else’s “rubbish”). The heavy items are at the bottom of the stack so as to keep the centre of mass as low as possible. The estimated weight of up to about 200 kg (up to 440 lb) is being supported by the 3 wheels, when I am on it as well. There is no such thing as waste/rubbish in Nature, and she can teach us so much.

The Green Machine ready to rollThis other vehicle is the Green Machine. I used it from August 2010 to about February 2012, and it did about 200 km per dollar of electricity. This 100% electric vehicle, made in Marton, is undergoing a complete change to Lithium technology from Lead Acid. Its power rating will also increase from 750 Watt to 2kW max. This will require many other improvements also. I have a local engineer working on this for me. He normally builds electric (“motor”)-bikes.

Photos taken from my Facebook:   = whole album – in public mode for a time…)

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