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Go Green Expo

We took our first neighbourhood field-trip last weekend.  Destination: Wellington – to attend the Go Green Expo at the TSB Bank Arena.


A number of reputable organisations had a presence at the Expo, but, by and large, it was trade-focussed. All manner of vendors were touting their wares knowing (as outlined in the vendor invitations) that 88% of kiwi consumers have chosen to buy from environmentally and socially responsible businesses and 59% say green factors have influenced their choice of brand or provider at the supermarket shelf.

While it’s useful to be aware of more sustainable, ethical, and low-impact options, I don’t believe it’s possible to buy your way to being green. (Assuming being ‘green’ has something to do with sustainable living.)

I don’t want to take anything away from businesses with a genuine desire to do improve our society and lessen their environmental impact – we need many more to step up! 

However, by taking advantage of consumptive tendencies, we fuel the fire that’s jeopardising the environment we know, love, and depend on. A wobble-board made of pine from sustainably managed forests does nothing to lower your ecological footprint if you didn’t need – or hadn’t planned on purchasing – a wobble-board in the first place. 

I regret that, due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to listen to any of the speakers. Had I done so, this blog post may have been more optimistic!  I did manage to chat with Emma Heke about her film: ‘Our Green Roadie’.

Transition Towns Ōtaki is screening the film at La Casa Romana (an inspirational Kāpiti business that features in the film) on October 30 at 6:00pm. Waimeha Lagoon is looking forward to attending in what will be our second neighbourhood field-trip.  

One thought on “Go Green Expo

  1. Sorry I did not see you to make an organic toasted sammie… or did I?
    Agree with what you say but I figure if we are supporting organic agriculture and growing at any level, that is the very very very most important step to take in terms of sustainabillity, eco, green, social responsibility and any other groovy term for it.

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