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And the winner on the day was…pallets

Congratulations to Ames Street and Waimeha Lagoon for showing us what can be done with a pile of waste, little time, loose planning and some excellent teamwork. Coming together for their third challenge at Raumati South Primary School on Sunday 20 October, the two teams were charged with creating a vegetable garden suitable for an elderly person with a small hard-surfaced yard. 074To add to the challenge, the gardens were to be created from a collection of waste materials provided by local businesses, with a small additional budget for extras.

Kath and Bob were in the judging seat this time, with an emphasis on aesthetics, functionality and good water management. They were joined by an audience from the Levin Soil and Health Association who happened to be visiting the school gardens at the time.

Both teams approached the task with energy and creativity, producing some stylish and functional solutions in the ninety minutes allotted. The results were all the more commendable for being designed and produced collectively and on the fly.

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Pallets featured strongly in both teams’ gardens (the magic ingredient in so many good DIY projects).  Waimeha Lagoon created an attractive wall unit for growing strawberries and Ames Street opted for a double-sided A-frame with extra depth and a water-retentive lining.

Waimeha Lagoon’s centrepiece however was a series of three repurposed paddling pools. Raised up on pallets (there’s those pallets again) and arranged in a semicircle, a seat placed in the centre allowed the gardener to sit down while they weed or harvest. A drip hose ran between the three beds and the wall unit.

Ames Street meanwhile supplemented their A-frame with a super-compact vertical garden made from two lengths of drainage piping. With holes drilled up their length for the plants, the pipes were held upright on a ply base by lengths of dowel and filled with soil. A recycled bucket and tepee for growing beans completed their entry.

And despite having declared a tie to be boring, the judges found themselves unable to favour one entry over the other so the prize of a group seed purchase from LovePlantLife was split between the two neighbourhoods.

311Thanks to the Otaihanga Transfer Station, Ray’s Pies & Fries, FM Plumbing & Drainage Ltd, Resene Colorshop and Kapiti Cakes and Bakery for providing materials, and to Raumati South School for hosting us.

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