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Buy Nothing New Month – how it went

Well, October was an interesting month for the households taking part in the ‘Buy Nothing New Challenge’. Here’s some of the things we did and some of the challenges we faced:
•Shona & Sebastien
o Other than food and petrol I don’t think we have bought anything new, apart from four bags of compost and some tomato plants.
o I got some glasses to replace broken ones from Trash Palace.
o I fixed my old leggings.
o I found an old ballet costume for my daughter’s show but I had to buy a new wig so that she didn’t get traumatic having a different wig from everyone else for her first ballet experience…and tights.
o I am cleaning out mum and dad’s garage so lots of things found there. I used our old chicken wire to go around the garden but I may have to get some new as the old wire seems to not be chook proof. I also found some new work trousers for Sebastien in Mum’s garage.
o I got a new fantastic outfit for a formal party from Trash Palace for $25! Bargain!
o I bought a fantastic second hand push chair and lovely op shop baby clothes for a friend’s baby shower.
•Vicky & Rob
o On the 1st October my kitchen scales broke. Previously I would have bought a new set at the Mall but instead went on TradeMe and the nice lady selling her old set and even included a battery for them (so better than buying new).
o I managed to buy my son’s Birthday presents second hand. In fact a lady (on TradeMe) wanting to get rid of her kid’s old toys, and so clear up her home, actually sent more than paid for (bargain)!
o A few of us used news paper, brown paper and recycled paper for kids Birthday present wrapping.
o I discovered you had to avoid going into the Mall or you end up ‘tantrum prevention’ buying – so it’s been a more relaxed month … once I’d made the mistake a couple of times.
o It turns out I’m an emotional shopper (ah, who knew) so after one particularly stressful event I ended up buying veggie seeds to try and fill the ‘need’. I ended up getting runner beans, which I wouldn’t normally buy, but those ‘emotional’ seeds have sprouted more than any others.
o I did try some clothes mending on a pair of pants – not a huge success but will do for a while longer.
o I’ve hired equipment for Byron’s party and upcycled the decorations.
o I’ve continued to upcycle all month and these can been seen on my Blog,
o My biggest challenge was buying Birthday presents for people outside of direct family. I found it really hard to stick to the challenge here, which I think may have been my perception of how the recipient would feel about the ‘used’ gift.
•Carolyn & Pete
o I spent the month trying to consider if I really needed what I did buy.
o Although I looked for Pete’s Birthday gift second-hand I ended up going to a specialist shop and as a result I hope it will now last for many years and as it’s a fishing kit I hope it will hopefully be a gift that will keep on giving ….. and maybe in time reduce our need to buy as much meat!
o We got a couple of cool things on the FB page, Paekakariki Trading for the girls, a bike (free!) as she was getting too big for her first bike and a little table and chairs which they are really enjoying.
•Natahsa & Nick
o I found this a real challenge as we have several family and good friend birthdays in October.
o We had my home laptop die on us – I was very keen to run out and buy a new one, instead, we dug out an old one that had its’ keyboard ruined a few years ago. It’s terribly slow and we have had to plug in an old keyboard but it works well enough and when I need to do more complex things I can wait until Nick gets home with his work one in the evenings.
o It did make me think a bit more about my daughter’s birthday party. We made Jandal decorations out of cardboard and ribbons and rather than give a whole lot of little gifts to the kids I made biscuits as a thank you gift instead and packed them in brown paper bags.
o Mainly it just made me aware of how often have been shopping in the past.
•Megan & Francis
o My family know to expect food presents from me these days and here’s one idea, Its heartfelt, upcycled and homemade!
o Speaking of Chrissy pressies, I’m going to have a go at making this for the ladies in the family this chrissy,

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