Archived posts 2013/15

Our Green Roadie

Last month, some of the Waimeha Crew, travelled up the Coast for Transition Towns Ōtaki’s screening of Our Green Roadie.

The documentary followed director/cameraman/producer Emma Heke and her son, Connor, on a seven-month road trip around Aotearoa. Their mission was to collect stories from people that have incorporated sustainable practices into day-to-day life.

What an achievement! Fifty businesses, organisations, and individuals made the final cut including Ōtaki locals: La Casa Romana and Enviropaints.

A common theme amongst the stories was lifestyle. Many of the interviewees went ‘green’ in order to spend more time with their family, and live healthier lives. Sensible business also featured strongly. Who would have thought? Evidently, ‘green’ does not entail peace, love, dreadlocks, geodesic domes, body odour, ley lines, and psychedelic drugs.

Word on the street is that our friends at Kāpiti Coast District Council are organising screenings in Paraparaumu and Paekākāriki. I would recommend the film to anybody with an interest in business, sustainability, or story-telling.

For more information, visit: or

(Our roadie up to Ōtaki was semi-green with one bicycle and two cars making the journey from Waikanae Beach.)

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