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Could sunshine pay your power bill?

Generating your own renewable energy is no longer the domain of isolated farmers and back-to-the-landers…. If knowing your appliances are being powered by a free, non-polluting and renewable natural resource appeals or if you’re looking for a chance to escape rising electricity prices, come along to a talk at Paraparaumu Library next week to find out more about solar photovoltaic panels (PVs)*.

PV panels installed on the Otaki Library. Find live info about the energy being generated at Splash Monitoring (click image for link).

As a grid-connected urban household, it can be hard to work out which system is for you and whether the upfront costs are worth it. Solar hot water, PVs and, to a lesser extent, wind energy are all being promoted as viable options.

Micah Sherman will talk about why PVs are the favoured energy-generation system for urban households next Tuesday 19 November, 7.30-9.30pm at the Paraparaumu Library Meeting Room (koha entry).

Micah is the Photovoltaic Manager with Right House, a company established by Meridian Energy to offer advice on energy efficient home design and products. He will discuss how PVs work, financial nitty-gritty, the process (i.e. dealing with lines companies and retailers) and how to decide if solar is the option for you.

Micah has 10 years experience in low-energy building design, energy efficiency and renewable energy. He has worked in a diverse range of countries including the US, Australia, New Zealand, the Torres StraitIslands, China and the Solomon Islands.

This talk is being offered as part of Council’s ‘Getting On To It’ series. For more information, contact Stacey Gasson at or 04 296 4700. The full workshop programme can be found at

For more information about generating your own renewable energy:

* PVs are silicon panels that fix onto your roof and convert sunlight into electricity. You can use this power as it’s generated and feed any excess into the national grid or store it in batteries.

One thought on “Could sunshine pay your power bill?

  1. YES YES YES..
    Know a fine fellow who has fitted solar panels in sunny Otaki and is working a treat feeding the grid. Paid back soon I believe… this fellow won’t blow his own trumpet but blows a meeeeeean bagpipe

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