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Garden inspiration and tea

What a lovely road trip! On Tuesday I had the privilege of visiting Kath Irvine’s ‘Edible Backyard’ Open Day with three of the Greenest Neighbourhood participants. Yes, we carpooled and we dropped off a little one at kindy on the way 🙂

The stunning weather seemed to have inspired several others to make the journey, but while it was busy, it was sooo relaxing. Although we’d made the most of the chance to catch up on the way, we were soon lured to the shady deck with it’s enormous table – perfect for sitting around talking to whoever pulled up a pew, enjoying tea and cake. Great way to get garden tips too….

Venturing out to the garden was a sensory treat – healthy vegetables mixed with beneficial flowers and herbs for an explosion of diversity.  To give you an idea of just how impressive these veges were, we spent quite some time debating whether one crop was leeks or garlic (biggest garlic I’ve ever seen, it turns out!). Perhaps the biggest thing for me though was realising that not only does Kath grow all her family’s fruit and veges, bar potatoes and broccoli, this isn’t a sprawling farm. It’s a well-orderd, carefully planned pottager, with a place for everything and all in it’s place. Makes it seem just that bit more do-able for those of us with an urban section.

Thanks so much, Kath, for the inspiration, the tea, the seeds, the sawdust (yes, we returned with two large sacks of sawdust in the boot and several packets of seeds), and the oppotunity to spend time in good company and beautiful surroundings.

Kath has open days every Tuesday, 9.30am to 2.30pm, until 17 December. Entry is by koha. More info here:

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