Archived posts 2013/15

Biodigester Workshop

DSC03358 DSC03359 DSC03360 DSC03357

Last Saturday Ames Street hosted a Biodigester workshop. Dianne and John, Green Street entrants from a previous year, very kindly gave up their time to run the workshop. Simply, a Biodigester is the missing composting link and with one of these we will be able to avoid taking those car loads of pernicious weeds to land fill on a regular basis. So, you can add weeds like wandering willie, convolvulus, oxalis and kikuyu and then, as they reach such high heat, they break down to produce plant & soil food. The dirt doctor website has good instructions as to how to build one,
These Biodigesters are part of our Green Streets Waste Reduction project (Waste Reduction Levy application), together with Kiwi 3-bay Compost Bins and worm farms. All together this should mean Ames Street can reduce their waste significantly!

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