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How does your garden grow?

Here’s a reminder of the details for the third and final Greenest Neighbourhood challenge (hopefully you’ve already had this one via your email by now): The Great Greenest Neighbourhood Cook-Off. We hope to get plenty of takers for this one as it’s about something we all love – food!

Greenest Neighbourhood participants, past and present, come and inspire us with deliciousness from our region and your own backyards. Get your thinking caps on and rally the neighbours together to cook up a storm using local ingredients you’ve grown, hunted and foraged.

We’ll be at Ōtaki College Home Economics Unit on Sunday 16 February, 3pm – 6pm.

The details

The challenge: Working as a team of four or more neighbours, create an entrée, main and dessert for six people from scratch. The spirit of the challenge is to think creatively and show what can done with your own produce and local ingredients.

  • Primary/focal ingredients are to be grown, hunted or foraged by your group.
  • Secondary ingredients are to be produced within the Kapiti/Horowhenua/Wellington region.
  • Minor ingredients like spices and salt can come from elsewhere.

Examples: For a rabbit stew, the rabbit will have been raised or hunted by your team (primary ingredient), carrots and onions can have been grown by someone else within the region (secondary ingredient), and a tablespoon of flour as a thickener is a minor ingredient so can have come from elsewhere.

If you’re going to make poached peaches with meringues, the peaches will have been grown or foraged by your team (primary ingredient), as will the eggs. The sugar will need to be replaced with honey from within the region (secondary ingredient). You could use a cinnamon stick or star anise from elsewhere (or lemongrass from your garden) to flavour the syrup.

All ingredients are to be brought in in their unprepared form and the dishes prepared on-site.

Timing: Food preparation time will be from 3pm to 5pm. Food will then be tasted by the judges before being served as a shared meal for all the teams.

Facilities: Ōtaki College Home Economics Unit has 6 work stations suitable for groups of 4 people. All pots, pans, dishes and utensils are provided. A large gas cooker is also available if needed. You do need to bring all of your ingredients.

Judging criteria:

  1. The more of your ingredients you have grown, hunted or foraged, the better.
  2. Creativity in sourcing and improvising ingredients.
  3. Taste and presentation.
  4. Teamwork.

RSVP: As there is a limited number of work stations, your RSVP by Friday 7 February is appreciated to ensure we can accommodate everyone.

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