Archived posts 2013/15

Ames Street Neighbours garden – latest update

Yesterday we had a social get together at the Neighbours Garden Allotment that we’ve built on Ames Street. We swapped seeds, ate zucchini pickle (made from our community garden produce) and tasted home made drinks; lemon cordial (made with our street’s lemons), ginger beer, wine and beer.
It’s been a big job to create this garden:
Stage 1 – We cleared out all the giant weeds that had taken over the space we’ve been loaned. We covered the ground with old carpet and dug out lots of the bigger bamboo roots.
Stage 2 – Then using pallets, donated by Ultibend, we built raised beds and built up no-dig garden beds within them using advice from the Green Gardener (—Z-Council-Services-and-Facilities/Green-Gardener/Green-gardening-tips/). We planted a selection of tomatoes, potatoes, rhubarb and pumpkin.
Stage 3 – Lately, we’ve been collecting outdoor chairs from Trash Palace to turn the area into a dual purpose garden and communal socialising space.

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