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Cycling for time

‘People here are land-rich and time-poor.’

So the saying goes at Waikanae Beach…

Some of our group’s actions (Fruit Rescue, community orchard) exploit the land-rich aspect; but what can we do about time deficiency?

Here’s one idea: ride a bike!

Rain or shine, I cycle to work every morning. It takes about 25 minutes to reach the Paraparaumu Civic Centre from Tutere Street. The journey by car (via SH1) is only slightly faster – provided there’s a convenient parking space upon arrival.

For more or less the same time investment, cycling provides most of the exercise I need (time consuming alternative: gym), a wind down period between work and home (time consuming alternative: television), and, more recently, a chance to socialise and discuss what’s happening in the neighbourhood.

By sharing the commute with other cyclists, I’ve been able to meet neighbours without having to alter my schedule. Visiting a neighbour can be one of those things we always plan to do before we run out of time. It’s also one of those things that we’re glad to have done after the event.

Cycling to work is a simple way to enjoy stronger neighbourly relations while saving time.

Granted, I travel mostly on cycle paths – which are more conducive to conversation – but the same could be achieved, to a lesser extent, by walking or carpooling.

One thought on “Cycling for time

  1. good call where possible to save the gym $$$ for a Win win win…
    Similarly but more private I find folding washing at clothesline very rewarding to minimise ironing, hear the birds, smell the roses and washig (so to speak) feel the day while single handling the job

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