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What’s a Wonderbag?

Here’s one for all you crafters, campers and slow-cooking fans out there: the Wonderbag. It works on the same principles as a haybox, insulating hot food to keep it cooking. Results look similar to a slow cooker or solar cooker but you don’t need an ongoing energy source over the cooking period.

The company has a great vision too: they’ve developed the Wonderbag to ease the social, environmental and economic impacts of traditional cooking methods in developing countries. Here in NZ, we can benefit by reducing the carbon emitted through energy use (and the peace of mind that comes from not leaving an electrical appliance on while we sleep or are out). And every one sold sees another donated to a household in a developing country.

Great idea for camping this summer or stews this winter….

Images from Wonderbag

One thought on “What’s a Wonderbag?

  1. Thanks to Simon for passing this information on….

    Hi Simon,
    We have received your request for information regarding the Wonderbag in New Zealand. We are the New Zealand agents for Wonderbag and we have stock available locally.

    The deluxe version is priced at $110 and the original is $ 60 excl p& P . If you would like to purchase one please mail us at , with your address details and a contact number and we will arrange to send it once payment has been completed.

    If you prefer you can call Susie 021 530 944 for further information or assistance. She is in Auckland and keeps stock on hand. Her email address is

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