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Ames St. Street Party

On Saturday we held a Street Party on Ames Street. Ames Street is actually a long street with ~ 80 houses. The plan was for the whole street, not just our Green Street team, to get together. We were aware than one of the outcomes from the Christchurch Quakes was that community was found to be one of the most important factors for resilience. So we really wanted everyone on the street to meet so we can band together if we have a Civil Defence Emergency too. It really was a fantastic night! Thanks to; Janet for organising the party and shopping, Megan for the invites, Shona for her amazing Bunting and applying to PAcNSave for the food, Rob for his bar, Carolyn for the decorations, Gwyn for the BBQing, Francis and friends for the music, Vicky for the Lemonade, Cilla and Shona for the Lemons, Sebastien for his cart (which was unexpected kids entertainment), Robyn for her interview for Paekakariki FM, Blair/Vicky/Rob for their berms for the party …. and more I can’t remember. Ames Street Residents of all ages came and partied. The interesting thing being some people we met we’d never seen before (not just seen and not talked to – but never seen) so the party really met its aim!
Well done everyone!!

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