Archived posts 2013/15

Denise’s productive small garden

Posted on behalf of Denise, Waimeha Lagoon.

Here are some photos of my garden. I’ve got an enormous crop of passionfruit and an endless supply of kale. I have resorted to drying all the kale and crushing it into powder and adding to smoothies. I must say I found a good recipe for vegan cheese and kale chips – they were quite tasty – but I’ve eaten them to death.

This summer has seen good growth on my lime tree and some of the flowers have set fruit, which is encouraging. I have been using cardboard boxes and damp newspapers for slug traps. They are quite effective, you just have to check them often and squash the slugs.
I’ve had lots of sunflowers and I keep the seeds and grow sunflower sprouts to eat in winter. I am going to do the same with kale and broccoli seeds. I have been saving a lot of seeds (I usually let one plant go to seed) and have them drying on the kitchen windowsill. I was reading an article about polyculture for small spaces (UK Permaculture magazine) and thought I might give this a go next spring as I don’t have a lot of garden space.

I have been saving seed from radish, rocket, radicchio, parsley, coriander, calendula, spring onion and will add some bought seeds like cress, different lettuces, mizuna, etc to the mix and sow in the prepared plot in spring. The beginnings of the polyculture is in the jar in the photo of the seeds on the windowsill.
This year I grew the chilli peppers and capsicums inside. They have cropped really well and have grown enormous. I have been getting some worm wee from a ‘freecycler’ and the plants seem to like that.
IMG_1436I have enjoyed the Greenest Neighbourhood challenge, the opportunity to meet new people, swap ideas and plants and to learn new things too. The whole exercise has made me more aware of re-using things, reducing waste and recycling.
I have given away and found some very useful things on Freecycle, I’ve composted all the community newspapers and cardboard, used jute shopping bags, got a ‘No Circular’ sign for the mailbox, getting meat scraps and pet mince from the butcher and cooking up my own pet food to eliminate all the tins from commercial petfood, installed a rainwater tank (though I’m drinking the rainwater and using the municipal water for the garden), saving more seeds than usual and using my bike more.

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