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Green Street Legacy

Talking to a couple of my fellow ‘Green Streeters’ this week about “where we go from here” it occurred to us, looking at the past Paekakariki Green Streeters, that the impact of this completion really does last. It’s hard to say whether some community projects initiated by previous Green Streeters would have happened anyway, as these people were community focused already, but they really help to make Paekakariki a great place to live. Here are some of the local initiatives we’ve used as a team:
(1) Our team has regularly used the village’s Facebook trading page (set up by Flo McNeill) to get second-hand goods during the completion.
(2) A previous team hires out a Community mulcher to anyone in the village,
(3) This year there was a community bulk purchase of straw to use as mulch on our edible garden beds,
(4) Kakariki Street still have their weekly garden working bees/pot luck suppers,
(5) The Wellington Road rat trap design is still being used – with the Paekakariki Scouts making us rat traps this year,
(6) The Community Compost club,
(7) Flo has been championing Led street lights and the ‘White Roofs NZ’ for the village.
That said it seems the real legacy is to change people’s mind-set so that members of the community are more open to different ways of doing things.

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