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Painting our billboard

First post from the Fincham/Gavin/Matai Road Greener Neighbourhoods group! Our neighbourhood is a triangle of these three roads (only a little section of Matai) in Raumati, a 1950s subdivsion on a sandhill, backing onto pony fields. Our group has residents new and very long-term, young and old. We’re still figuring out what we’re going to do but we’ve made a start, with a water meter workshop in July and now our billboard.

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Partly inspired by the Wellington Rd Greenest Street group, our billboard announces we’re doing the project, will have contact details for people to join in, and has a blackboard area for notices – that way, people not on our email list can still find out what is going on and can join in when they like.

Here’s a few pics from our billboard painting session on Saturday 16-August – plus the finished product. Our resident artist Tracey provided a venue on her lovely Sunny patio, and did the lion’s share, but also we had Holly’s design and diligent painting, David’s sign-writing skills from his days in the Government Promotions Office, and my 5th form technical drawing skills.

Now we’ve got to figure out where and how to put it up. Tracey has volunteered her fenceline, but we’ll need to sort out some sturdy framework. Might be good to have a planning session and a little working bee. Suggestions welcome!

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