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Survival in style

Paekakariki’s Ocean Square Greener Neighbourhood group celebrated Civil Defence’s Get Ready Week in style…here are some pics from our weekend. A bit of roughing it, yes, but along with the hardship we managed to enjoy some of the good life. Soaking in Liana and Pete’s gas-fired hot tub was a highlight, enhanced by a fireworks display from someone down the road.

We discovered that storing emergency water in old bottles of single-malt whisky or sweet chilli sauce can add flavour to your disaster experience. When I was battling determinedly to cook up a meal on our tiny campstove, Joe cranked up the generator and perfected his meal in the microwave.  And of course, Joe MacGyver Wilson couldn’t resist rigging up a gravity-fed water supply to flush our toilet (and a composting loo for longer-term disaster survival) – see pics below.

Joe on the looLou filling the looin the hot tubEllie and Esther in candlelightLou hairdrying

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