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What’s a weekend without power like when you’re 9?

By Max Andreas, aged 9

This weekend we took part in a civil defence challenge. For the whole weekend from 5pm Friday till 5pm Sunday (26th September to 28th September) we pretended we had no power in our house. This is what I liked and disliked about the exercise. I didn’t think it would be so tricky!


  • Not bright enough which meant that I had to bring a torch/candle to other places of the house
  • There was No wifi which meant I couldn’t get new apps, couldn’t Skype my cousin and couldn’t watch YouTube
  • I Couldn’t watch television
  • I’m used to checking the time on the oven or the microwave but they were both off which meant I had to check it on the clock
  • No hot water unless the wetback fire was alight
  • I Have to make sure I don’t use too much battery on the computer/Ipad
  • I have to use a phone that is horrible quality because it doesn’t use power


  • I’m at least happy that we had a phone because if we didn’t I would be able to ring people

I’m also kind of happy that we have a gas stove otherwise we would have to cook on a BBQ


  • I got to light all the candles and the stove
  • It was nearly daylight saving (on the last day it was daylight saving)
  • The security alarm had a battery which meant our house was protected from any burglaries

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