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Matai Garden GroupGreener neighbours from Gavin Road, Fincham Road and Matai Road have been given the go ahead by the Paraparaumu and Raumati Community Board to build a community garden.  The garden site is situated in the sheltered far corner of the Matai Road reserve, next to the Arts Society building (see location map).  It will be planted with a variety of vegetables and herbs in raised beds, with plenty of room in the 180 square metre section for fruit trees and future garden developments, including compost bins and barrels for rainwater catchment off the Arts Society roof. The garden will grow fresh vegetables for the neighbours but also provides an opportunity for the community to come together, learn new skills, build resilience and become more sustainable.  Excess produce will be available to non-members and to local organisations such as food banks.

First meetingMembers from 20 households have attended initial meetings to establish the garden so far and the group now needs donations of fence posts, tools, long boards (200cm x 50cm) and soil or materials to make soil in the raised beds (compost, fertiliser, newspaper, straw).  With plans to build the beds in the next month, any donations of green crop seeds or seedlings would also be gratefully accepted (beans, lupins, mustard, peas).  Closer to spring, people can also bring along seedlings for the garden ready for spring planting.  Anyone out there with skills in woodcraft, composting, landscape gardening or general handyman skills would also be very appreciated.

For more information, visit                               or contact Yvonne P: 04 9044798 or E:

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