Goldsborough Avenue/Gabriel Street/Nugget Grove – Garden Tour

What do you get when you cross approximately 20 keen gardeners with Kate Foley…? Garden2

Under a grey and brooding sky on Sunday 2 August 2015 1pm saw a group of cold-hardy gardening enthusiasts assembled for The Inaugural Tour at which a total of six gardens were visited upon. With her guru-like status this evergreen lot were accompanied and encouraged by the ubiquitous and knowledgeable Hannah Zwartz. No stranger to making the hard calls in the garden, at Lynda’s place Hannah wielded her might and showed us how to REALLY prune a fig tree. Despite the devastation wrought some cuttings still stand today in my garden: remnants of the campaign… (easier to plant them into an existing bed than pot up cuttings Judy confided to me later). Genius. Thanks Judy.

Garden6As I was saying; fig, lemon… nothing was safe as more branches fell, succumbing to Hannah’s wrath, yielding to her mantra of the “3 D’s… Diseased, Damaged, Dead”. All. Must. Go. Now. These are the tough decisions gardeners must make. While over at Sue’s place the lemons had been subjected to copper nails fired into its trunk, a time-tested remedy of yore. Who knew citrus posed such a threat!

Garden3At Kate’s we saw compost in various stages, heaped betwixt spent pallets “I built the garden when I was pregnant and nine months later got perfect compost!” J (Pallets are available free via Martyn).

Again at Kate’s, seemingly impossibly tidy and neat garden beds produced bounty requiring little to no input – testament to the no-dig, heavily composted and mulched style of gardening favoured by lazy gardeners everywhere. In truth gardeners aren’t lazy, it’s just that there’s always so much to DO. Over at Judy and Stu’s, citrus and Daphne was in abundance, legacy to years of feeding the soil.Garden1

Speaking of feeding, gardeners march on their stomachs and after some serious business we were put at ease back at Kate’s with contributions of afternoon tea from various attendees. Thank-you all.

Be it lamingtons or plant cuttings gardeners are a uniquely sharing bunch, galvanized in their quest to coax fruit from tree and plant from seed. By all accounts the garden tour was a popular occasion, once again bringing together various neighbours in a memorable and well-organized event. Many thanks to Kate for initiating and coordinating the day, along-with KCDC’s Greener Neighbourhoods.

Garden7Garden4Garden5  Article written by Sian Lean

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