Goldsborough/Gabriel/Nugget (GGN) COMPOST BIN and PRODUCE SWAP

After a great job sourcing free pallets and we were all set up for the busy bee. So nothing like a glorious labour weekend afternoon to have a crack at the first of hopefully many neighborhood compost bins. We started by filling in the gaps in the pallet sides then setting then up three to a bin.  We knocked up enough for 3 compost bins and the first one has been set up down the road.

Pallets all stacked in row
Some great detective work and we have enough pallets for several compost bins and a load of firewood besides

The right stuff

Next we worked up a fruit bring and swap stall for the summer to pass on that extra fruit we all have. A good way to share with neighbours. The rules are yet to be decided but something along the lines of bring something take something be that fruit, gold coin or a helping hand to pick excess fruit for a neighbour. It all goes around in Gabriel, Goldsborough and Nugget.

Finished product

Fruit stall done

The kids went loose on the stall to give it a splash of colour
The kids went loose on the stall to give it a splash of colour

One thought on “Goldsborough/Gabriel/Nugget (GGN) COMPOST BIN and PRODUCE SWAP

  1. Great work you guys- you can never have too much compost. And for those left over pallets– bonfire night is coming……

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