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Introducing Greenown+

It was a cold and blustery weekend, when a bunch of brave and valiant Raumati Southerners trudged their way, through sea-foam and sleet, to the corner of Tiromoana and Renown Road. In their icy little fists, they each clutched a Greener Neighbourhood’s pamphlet…the key to the unknown… Who would they meet? What would this journey entail? What really holds Donald Trump’s hair in place?

Actually, it was a very balmy weekend, as we’re in the midst of one of the warmest winters on record…All the more reason to get our Green Consciousness on.

We are Greenown+. A mishmash of residents from Renown road, and neighbouring roads, including Glen Road, Dell Road and Poplar Ave.

Greenown sign

During our sign construction weekend, it became quickly apparent that, judging by the skills of our awesomely talented artists (pictured), that Greenown+ just might be a force to be reckoned with.


After copious cups of tea in Kelli’s living room, we as a group nailed down three main areas we’d like to focus on in the coming year, to try to reduce our (speaking for myself here) SHAMEFULLY large, horrendously huge eco footprints. These three areas are:



RATS! It turns out these fluffy little terrorists are making many Greenown+ residents’ lives a misery…chewing through dishwashers, DESTROYING CARS… and worst of all…stopping many of us from composting.   We hope by launching an assault on these critters, not only will we be strengthening the anti-rat campaigns already in place in Kapiti, but we’ll be on our way to reclaiming our poor neglected compost bins.


Which leads onto our next issue to tackle…our GARDENS. We are hugely lucky to have Rebecca on our team, who came out and answered all of our gardening questions, and led an amazing soil preparation workshop.  And big thanks to Amanda for offering up her ‘exotic weeds’ for us to trample on.



A huge amount of information sharing went on that day, and I for one have already been motivated back into my garden. It can be a daunting thing indeed, staring at a wall of weeds, years old, but we will tackle each other’s gardens as a team…with the lure of barbecues and shared kai. Many hands, light work, and lots of yummy food…perfect.

And perhaps the most exciting of all is a community BEEHIVE we’re planning. A number of Greenown+ers attended the No8 Wire workshop on Beekeeping, and we are all buzzing with excitement to get our hands sticky with this one. (Sorry).
So that’s us! I know for me personally, while my garden isn’t a thriving orchard of organic plums and coriander at the moment…ahem…YET… Even just being a part of Greenown+ has sparked a little gear shift in my brain.   It suddenly makes me accountable to a new group of friends. It makes me think twice before I chuck my empty tin can in with my rubbish because I can’t be bothered walking 6 metres to the recycling bin. And in answer to that age-old question of, what is it that holds Donald Trump’s hair in place?  Well friends, look at it like this.  An individual little strand of hair would struggle to stand up on it’s own, but when you get alllllllllll of the other little strands of hair and fuse them together with a dollop of innovation, a little comb through of thoughtfulness and a big fat squirt of community spirit…well…that’s the stuff of gravity defying magnificence.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 6.54.23 AM



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