Waikanae Be Green

Why-can[‘t]-I-be Green ?

The Waikanae Be Green group have taken to the Greener Neighbourhood challenge with full force. Members of their groups were keen attendees of No8 Wire Workshop, especially Chad and Zap who possibly held the record for the most workshops attended.

Zap and Chad with harakeke kite made during No8 Wire Week workshops

The group meets up about once a fortnight and have plans underway for community gardening and a civil defence meeting. Their last meet up involved a demonstration for making seaweed fertiliser by Monique and a discussion about how they would like to try and reduce their ECO footprint over the upcoming months. This weekend Hannah Zwartz, Council’s Green Gardener will be coming along to do a garden tour with their group.

The group’s Facebook page is proving to be a great resource for sharing ideas and group requests – such as what to do with your old batteries (did you know that you can take them to the Paraparaumu Library?) and check ins to see who is heading to shops and might be able to pick something up – saving an unnecessary car ride. Its great to see this community building to help each other out. Kai Pai Waikanae Be Green!

You can find out more about their journey on their web page: http://greenchapz.wixsite.com/waikanaebegreen

It includes fun stuff for kids, great resources for adults and a blog.



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