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Dividing and Conquering


A couple of weekends ago the Greenowners gathered for another catch up and a bit of a gardening workshop with  Hannah Zwartz.

Greenown+ seems to be bursting at the seams with members at the moment…which is great!  So we have decided to divide our tasks up amongst ourselves, Andy is our Rat Trap Wrangler, Rich is the Bee Boss, and Katharina our Waste Management Warrior Woman… well, she kinda was that already, but we figured it was best to divide and conquer! IMG_0020

It was another cracker day at the tippy top end of Renown Road;  Roz and Stephen’s place sure was making the most of those glorious Raumati South rays.  We were lucky enough to have on hand, Hannah Zwartz, Kapiti Council’s Gardening Wizardess, who took us through Roz’s (amaaaazing!) garden.

I’m sure their garden had every shade of citrus, fruit, berry, blossom and brassica you could imagine, so it provided a wide range of information for all of us to absorb.

Hannah’s advice was bottomless:   Fungus?  Let some light in!   Yellow leaves?  Epsom Salt!  Borer beetle?  Skewer those suckers with a guitar string!… Wait what?!

That’s right, don’t be fooled by Hannah’s sweet exterior… that lady is a trained assassin when it comes to creepy crawlies messing with our gardens.

It was a hugely informative session, and I know we’re all looking forward to her composting workshop on Sept 4th at the Matai Community Gardens.  Will have to remember to bring along my g string…of the guitar kind



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