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Kombucha vs Wormwee

Perched on the corner of Renown Road and Tiromoana Road, there is an exquisitely painted palace, piled with plenty of produce…just for you!  And me!  And that guy over there!  And her too!  That’s right, the Greenown+ Hākari is up and running and has already seen a flurry of activity.  The Hākari is a place where we can put (and pick up!) any excess produce our households may have.  So far I’ve seen lemons, eggs, thyme, mint, spinach, wormwee (that I almost mistook for kombucha tea…close shave there), plenty of seedlings, flowers and so much more!   There is a handy ‘guide’ attached to the Hākari too, so it is super user friendly.  The mint I have planted has already taken off, and I have a few beans to drop off too.  It’s always exciting to see what the Hākari fairies have dropped off in the night time…It’s like every day is Christmas on Renown Road!

We might have to build a few extra stories on to the Hākari come this summer though, with the abundance of fruit and vege that will be coming out of our pimped-out gardens.  Yup, Hannah Zwartz has been at it again, holding workshops to help us to get our gardens into shape for the coming summer.  I attended a workshop on different styles of composting.  IMG_5888.JPG

It was a fabulous crash course in worm farming, bokashi and composting in general.  It was great for noobs like me, but also a chance for the more seasoned composters to ask some more of the trickier questions.  I didn’t realise how freakishly efficient worm farms were, and our house is in the process of setting one up.

But that’s us for now, come and check out hākari sharing station…and remember to double check that kombucha tea.

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