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Electronics Graveyard


Stephen Blyth from Greenown + is on a mission to tackle his electronic graveyard.

One by one our electronics graveyard has been mounting up. It’s not like we’ve been upgrading computers every year, but the pile of gadgets and cables that are dead or surplus to requirements keeps growing.

Most of the equipment is old or obsolete that so has no resale value. There is no way I can find a willing buyer through TradeMe. As the stuff is nothing special I can’t imagine even Freecycle is likely outlet.

I could keep building up the graveyard and leave recycling it until another day. This would mean what I’ve got would continue to deteriorate, and less chance it’ll every be able to be reused.

So, prompted by my involvement in the Kāpiti Greener Neighbourhood competition I am going to try to recycle everything. Who knows, maybe even some of the stuff can be reused.

After working out where different items can go, I’ll traipse off to drop things off. A follow-up story will explain what happened with everything. I’m also interested in learning about how to prolong the life of the computers and other electronics, and how to make do without adding more. It’ll also be good to know what happens to the e-waste: is it broken down locally? Or shipped off overseas? What happens with hazardous materials?

Our graveyard (currently) consists of:


  • Apple iBook computer – purchased in 2004, still working, but underpowered, can’t be updated, wifi not working, comes with two adapters and a powerbrick
  • Apple iPod Classic 80GB (2009) – flat battery (I irreparably damaged an earlier iPod trying to replace it’s battery, so was didn’t want to try again)
  • Dell desktop computer with keyboard & mouse – hasn’t been started for at least five years, runs Windows XP
  • Fuji Xerox printer – damaged


  • Network cables (4) assorted lengths
  • Firewire cables (3)
  • TV antenna cable (2)
  • Phone cables (2)
  • Various RCA audio cables (5)
  • Power adapters, unknown use (2)
  • Battery charger, Lumix camera (1)
  • Unknown use (5)

Missing from this pile are two digital cameras, three mobile phones and a heap of other cables I can’t face sorting out.

Next time you read about our electronics graveyard, I hope to have some good news to share.

2 thoughts on “Electronics Graveyard

  1. The collection that you have certainly looks like stuff that will not find a sale or someone who wants to use it. Here at Ecotech Services we get a lot of that sort of stuff. It is all recyclable but to varying degrees of its weight and to varying costs.

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