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Plan Bee

There has been a hive of activity going on in the mean streets of Rau Sou.  A  bunch of busy bees have been getting busy in the name of buzzy bees and working bees and I’m gonna get wax lyrical about it.

First off we had our first Bumble Sale…ahem, sorry Jumble Sale on the weekend of the Kapiti Arts Trail.


Not only were the Greenowners able to recycle some of their unwanted treasures, we were also able to earn a bit ‘o honeymoney to put towards our community beehive set up costs.  It caused quite a buzz in the community and we hope to hold a few more in the coming months.  (Let me know when these bee puns are getting stingk btw).

And then…well then things got a little bit hairy.  Don got hired, Hills got fired, tornadoes tore, rain clouds poured, floodwaters roared, Cantabrians swore… Yet somehow, amongst all of the natural and political disasters, the sun came out on Sunday for our inaugural working bee.

On what felt like the first day of summer, a swarm of eager little worker bees gathered at Rich and Jules’ place.

And like a well honed troop of backup dancers that would make the Queen Bee herself, Bee-yonce proud, it was booties in the air, and green thumbs to the ground.


In an effort to turn this…


Into this…

Better than a Jenny Craig before and after shot, this bank (and surrounding gardens!) got trimmed  and dug and whipper-snappered  into submission and I think we were all quite surprised at the amount of work that was covered in such a small amount of time.

Some of us of course, worked much harder than others, and needed a wee lie down afterwards.


But with the lure of a cold beverage, an honest day’s work and a bit of local chat on offer, I think I can safely say these working bees are going to be a blooming success.


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