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Plan Bee

There has been a hive of activity going on in the mean streets of Rau Sou.  A  bunch of busy bees have been getting busy in the name of buzzy bees and working bees and I’m gonna get wax lyrical about it. First off we had our first Bumble Sale…ahem, sorry Jumble Sale on the weekend…… Continue reading Plan Bee

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Introducing Greenown+

It was a cold and blustery weekend, when a bunch of brave and valiant Raumati Southerners trudged their way, through sea-foam and sleet, to the corner of Tiromoana and Renown Road. In their icy little fists, they each clutched a Greener Neighbourhood’s pamphlet…the key to the unknown… Who would they meet? What would this journey…… Continue reading Introducing Greenown+

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New Zealand’s ecological footprint, or why local food matters even more than you thought

Having just written about the ecological impact of fish (eating them, that is), it seems like a good time to take a look at the average New Zealand ecological footprint. Each aspect of your footprint can be expressed as global hectares (gha). A gha is a unit of Earth’s ability to produce resources or absorb…… Continue reading New Zealand’s ecological footprint, or why local food matters even more than you thought

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But where’s the fish?

Why are there no questions about fish consumption in the Greener Neighbourhoods footprinting quiz? We use the New Zealand Footprint Project’s (NZFP) calculator to measure the ecological footprints of participants and were involved in trialling the calculator before the 2013/14 round of the Greenest Neighbourhood competition. This was when we made the startling discovery that…… Continue reading But where’s the fish?