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Plan Bee

There has been a hive of activity going on in the mean streets of Rau Sou.  A  bunch of busy bees have been getting busy in the name of buzzy bees and working bees and I’m gonna get wax lyrical about it. First off we had our first Bumble Sale…ahem, sorry Jumble Sale on the weekend…… Continue reading Plan Bee

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How we installed a WREMO rain barrel

Having mapped the emergency resources in our neighbourhood as part of get Ready Week 2014, my neighbours Heather and John thought it was high time they had some water stored around their property, just in case. The Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO) are selling 200 litre rain barrels through the Council office for $105,…… Continue reading How we installed a WREMO rain barrel

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Nourishing & flourishing: local seminar series coing up

It’s spring so it must be time for another Spring Series! And we have a excellent line-up for you this time, all under the banner of ‘Nourishing & Flourishing’. Come and hear how local responses to local needs, in NZ and elsewhere, have fostered outstanding examples of stronger, healthier communities. Please feel free to spread…… Continue reading Nourishing & flourishing: local seminar series coing up

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Tilley/Tarawa: got tested, got through

So how did the civil defence challenge go for the Tilley/Tarawa precinct? In ‘intrepid reporter’ spirit, I have the following accounts to share from the frontline (ahem, actually Tina, Jason and Lesley kindly emailed me). Thanks to everyone who took part in the challenge – no doubt you’ve all learned something, as I did. Last…… Continue reading Tilley/Tarawa: got tested, got through