Blogs by previous groups

The blogs from previous Greenest Street and Greenest Neighbourhood groups are still out there in internet-land. They’re all well worth a read as a great record of communities coming together. They’ve also got some wonderful stories to tell and have plenty of good ideas and advice to share.


‘Kakariki Street’, Paekākāriki –

Rainbow Court, Raumati South –

Avion Terrace, Raumati Beach –

Te Roto Road, Ōtaki –


Alexander Road, Raumati Beach –

Grange Park Ave, Raumati South –

Wellington Road, Paekākāriki –

In 2013/14 the three neighbourhoods – Ames St, Paekākāriki; Reikorangi, Waikanae Rural; and Waimeha Lagoon, Waikanae – shared this blog. Their posts can be found in the ‘Archived Posts 2013/14’ category.


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