Kapiti Coast District Libraries cover transport in their Sustainable Living book list.

In the last ten years the number of New Zealand’s primary school children driven to school by car has nearly doubled.  Contact Council’s transport safety coordinator to help you with solutions to this issue. Contact

Let’s Carpool is Greater Wellington Regional Council’s online carpooling tool for individuals. NZTA also have a large number of carpooling resources. These are aimed at organisations and range from guidelines for setting up a carpooling scheme to brochures for employers and employees, to posters, parking space stencils and radio jingles (!).

GWRC also offer an online Cycling and Walking Journey Planner. Once you’ve entered your starting point and destination it will automatically map a course for you that avoids unnecessary hills. You’ll find out how long your journey will take, how hilly the trip is and get an estimate of how many calories you’ll burn. Detailed route directions are provided in a print or email friendly format and the journey planner will even give you the location of bike racks, drinking fountains, toilets, street lights and points of interest such as parks.

Kapiti Coast District Council has produced a map of the cycleways, walkways and bridleways in our district. Copies are available from Council Service Centres. You can also find a Kapiti Coastal Cycle Routes Map and a Short Walks and Picnic Spots map on the Council website.

Metlink offer lots of resources for using public transport:

  • bus, train and ferry timetables
  • journey planners using more than one mode of transport
  • service updates
  • ticket and fare information.

Bike Wise offer some great cyclist resources. They’re the organizers of Bike Wise Month in February, which includes Go By Bike Day (a Street activity?) and a Bikewise Challenge throughout the month. The ‘get pedalling’ section of their site has some good resources on cycle safety, cycle maps, skills and training, and cycle rules.

If you’re really serious about running, cycling and walking, you can get a personalized fitness plan and nutrition advice at ACC’s Active Smart site.

Tips for driving fuel efficiently can be found on NZTA’s website or in EECA’s action sheet, Saving Energy in Business: Transport.

EECA have a fact sheet on biofuels.

If you’re looking at buying a car, or want to find out how your current vehicle rates for fuel economy, safety ratings and features, CO2 emissions and pollutants have a look at Right Car.

Did you know your bike can travel on the train for free (space permitting)? If you’re unsure about negotiating the madness of Wellington once you get there or want to cycle all the way (!), maybe you could find a local cycle buddy to show you the routes and tricks.

Information and tools on teleworking can be found at Teleworking is the flexible alternative that helps reduce reliance on travel (and thereby the costs of road and transport networks).

Carbon offsetting…hmm. For a summary of the issues, have a look at ‘Carbon 101’ in Good magazine.

If you are keen to offset your flight emissions, you can do it at the same time as you purchase your ticket with many airlines, including Air New Zealand and Pacific Blue. Or you could use Landcare Research’s travel calculator and offset option.

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