Ben Thompson, Council’s Water Use Coordinator, can offer advice and workshops on various subjects relating to water conservation. Contact him on 04-296 4616 or bent@kapiticoast.govt.nz:

  • Rain collection systems
  • Installing a recycled rainbarrel
  • Greywater systems – turning your washing machine into a greywater irrigation powerhouse.

Council also offers free Water Conservation Advisor services. Call 04 296 4700 to book a visit.

  • simple assessment of your water use
  • replace any washers on leaking taps and toilets (except ceramic washers)
  • show you how to read a water meter
  • help idenify leaks
  • show your group how to change washers and carry out simple plumbing maintenance
  • discuss which rain water and greywater system will suit your requirements and discuss the available funding options

Council has Greywater Suitability Maps available for Waikanae to Paekakariki and Otaki.

Kapiti Coast District Libraries Sustainable Living book list covers low-water gardening and grey-water in the Home/Health section.

Oasis Designs: Original designs for living better, cheaper, & more ecologically since 1980. Has a particular focus on low-tech DIY ecological systems, including rainwater and greywater.

Smarter Homes, the Department of Building and Housing’s website, has a section on water that covers easy ways to save water, reducing water flow, catching and using rainwater, outdoor water use, onsite sewage systems, and re-using greywater.

Level, BRANZ’s website for the construction industry, also has a section on water, focussing on designing, building and renovating homes that use water efficiently for range of reasons:

  • to help keep water and wastewater infrastructure costs down
  • provide ongoing economic benefits
  • make the home better equipped to cope with prolonged droughts or short intense storms
  • to benefit the environment by, for example, reducing the need to draw more water from rivers and waterways, and reducing the need to build new infrastructure for supply and disposal.

You can also find links to the BRANZ publications, Water and Plumbing however these retail for $40.95 each.

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